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Sci-Fi Stillness
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Science Fiction Icon Contest

scifi_stillness is a icontest community for science fiction icons. This is a stillness (non-animated icons only) community, based off of the other stillness communities on LJ that was started by quebelly. This community was stared on March 19, 2005 by dark_illusen. The current moderator is aladriana.

Our wonderful banner-makers are delore and jjjean65!

Each challenge will have special rules or guidelines, but there are also general rules to keep in mind. Please read them below, carefully, or your icon may be disqualified. For each challenge, there will be 4 winners (depending on the number of entries). A first, second, and third place as well as a mod's choice (Solar Sailor) will be awarded after the votes are counted. Sometimes, an extra vote i.e: best text, will be added. You can only win twice per challenge.

All Icons are submitted via comments, so you will not need posting access.

Each week there will be a challenges, where you could be asked to submit an icon from such movies as Star Wars or from tv shows like Farscape or Star Trek. You can submit up to four icons, unless otherwise stated. Challenges will be either lyrical, base, picture, hush, or theme icons. Filk, among other music (for the lyrics) will be used (or introduced, if you haven't heard of it :)


Challenges go up on Monday-Wed Icons due: Monday night at 11:59pm PST
Voting goes up: Wed-Thursday
Winners will be announced on Monday-Friday of the next week
We do banners. They are not on a set schedule. Trust me, they will appear.

Having trouble finding stuff you need? Here are some resources for you. I'll add more as I come across them. cap_it - Screencaps The Movie/TV List

1) All icon submissions should be anonymous.

2) Icons should be related to a sci-fi movie, tv show, or other Scientific or Science Fiction theme. That is what this community is about after all. ;)

3) Icons should be non-animated. The exception is: Text. Text, but not the image may be animated. This is a STILLNESS community.

4) Icons must meet the LJ icon requirements, this means keep it to 100x100 and 40kB or less.

5) When submitting your icon to the challenge post both the icon and just the URL itself. (see submitting if you need help)

6) Do not post your icon anywhere until the voting is over and winners have been announced.

7) Do not use an icon you have made in the past and do not submit the icon to any other challenges. The icon should be made specifically for this challenge.

8) Follow the rules that are also with each individual challenge.

9) Do not use someone else's base to make your icon. Make the whole icon yourself!

10) Do not take the icons featured in the challenges. If there is an icon you really want, leave a message with your vote, so the mod can ask the artist. Often, it's a take/credit situation, but not always.

11) Have fun and be creative!
Submitting your icon
1) Submit your icon as a comment to the challenge post.
2) Only icons submitted before the deadline will be accepted.
3) Submissions should include the icon AND the url



How to Vote
1) Votes are submitted as a comment to the voting post.
2) Vote for your 1st, 2nd and 3rd favorite in order.
3) Follow the voting rules that are in the individual voting posts, number of icons to vote for may vary
4) Please, do not vote for yourself, or ask others to vote for you (though feel free to point friends this way to vote, just don't tell them which is yours!)

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